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The vision of Jianyi:
Becoming the worldwide advanced machinery manufacturer of dairy products and beverages production line.

The core idea of Jianyi:
Development in sincerity,success in perseverance’,the nowadays and future of Jianyi is build of sincerity and insistence.

The product orientation of Jianyi:
The quality of Europe,the price of Southeast Asia.

The carrier viewpoint of Jianyi:

 Making achievements in market quickly,details determine success or failure.

The client conception of Jianyi:
Thinking customer’s thought,exceeding customer's expectations,growing together with customers.

The talents conception of Jianyi :
Possessing both political integrity and ability,agreeing with company values.

The life conception of Jianyi:
Working only is one part of life,loving work,enjoying life.

The development conception of Jianyi:
To ensure organizational survival through assured quality and seeking development though reputation.

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